Hump Day Lesson!

This morning I wrote a cute little Facebook anecdote on my AM trip to Whole Foods. It went something like this:
Hump Day Lesson: Pouting works! I was at Whole Foods bemoaning the fact that my fave flavor of chocolate was not on sale when all the other flavors were…a hot stocker guy comes up and asks me how my morning is going.
I say “It was going great until I realized my favorite chocolate isn’t on sale!” I added sad eyes and a frown.
He says, “I can make that be on sale for you…”
I say, “Oooh do you have magic powers?” I blink my eyelashes at him adoringly.
He says, “Even better. I’m the manager. I can make this any price I want.” And he takes me up to the checker and tells him to give me the sale price! HA!!!!
This scenario gave me such a little kick this morning. I am a firm believer that flirting is good for the soul. It’s great if it turns into something meaningful, but just a little morning flirtation gave me the giggles for over an hour, and we all know that laughter is the BEST medicine!  
Then I started ruminating on the larger issue here: asking the Universe for what I want. True, I didn’t need that chocolate. But I wanted it, and I wanted it for the sale price, dammit! Ask and you shall receive? I feel more strongly every day that that is the absolute word(s) of truth.
If you are a believer in The Secret or the philosophy that “like attracts like,” then you know what I’m talking about. If not, in the most basic of terms—what you think, say, and feel goes into the Universe and that is what you receive. If you put negativity out there, that’s what you will get. If you ask the Universe for money, peace, completing that half marathon, the Belly Dancer USA title, whatever, it has its way of making it into your life. It might not arrive exactly the way you expected, but I have found that it really does happen.
I’ve touched on this subject before: manifestation. When this morning’s windfall occurred, I realized I hadn’t intentionally been manifesting my desires for quite some time. Sure, I think wistfully about these things in passing, but it has been weeks—months, even—since I sat down and made a list of what I want to receive, and sent it with a grateful nod into the unknown. WE SHOULD BE DOING THIS EVERY WEEK! It doesn’t take much time out of your day, and it is so important. Think about it this way: the planet is getting more and more populated every day. The Universe has never been so inundated with requests. If you don’t put your nose to the grindstone, you might not get what you desire. Believe me, it’s worth it and you deserve it!
 So, go and ask the Universe for your requests. Remember to say thank you, and always honor yourself.

Great Expectations

Last night I was feeling stiffed in the friend department by one particular person. I have been trying to manifest a stronger relationship with her, and I felt disappointed that she hadn’t given me the quality time that I was expecting. I’m not ashamed to say I expect a certain amount of attention from my close pals, and I felt like I had been giving generously and had not gotten enough in return. I do my best to balance my friends and family in this busy world, (mostly) remembering to cheer them on when they have a big interview or event, comforting them when they are down, and sending a text their way when I think they just need a little extra boost. I try to give this love unconditionally, I really do, but there is no such thing as a one-sided friendship. It is circular.
Right after I had hit my lowest emotional point of the evening, I decided to take a breather and draw myself a soothing bath. Then, two things happened. The Universe truly does listen! First, that same friend called me. It was bizarre how quickly the Universe responded. We had a wonderful talk, and I hung up feeling like I was not as heated about the whole thing anymore. It hadn’t worked out the way I had wanted, but her intentions were honorable. The other thing was that I stumbled up on this article on Twitter by Danielle LaPorte, who has a website called White Hot Truth: A prayer for expectation addicts
It stopped me in my tracks. I have been talking all this jazz about manifestation to you all year, but this article shed a whole new (and kind of tricky) light on it. What does it say about manifesting my dreams? This lady says I have to live in the Now. So I should quit thinking about the future? No. Danielle suggests we put our manifestations out into the Universe, and then just let them go—buh bye. We can be in the moment again. Instead of simply rattling out my list of attributes for my dream man, and then sitting back with my hands clasped behind my head, waiting impatiently, I am supposed to do what, now? As Danielle puts it: Show up. Shine. Let it go.
The point is not to stop me from yearning for these things which I try to manifest. Well, maybe it is, just a little…but can anyone really do that 100% of the time? “I want my Ooopma Looompa right NOW!” is used outside of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for a reason. It is human to want to see instant results, or get the mail-in rebate without the wait. There is nothing wrong with wanting. The point, as I am interpreting it, is to consider whatever the Universe will send me in the future as an unexpected gift. It is better to work with what the Universe has given me already and make the best out of it by appreciating it daily, and to go the distance with what I have previously been given. Don’t let the future distract you from enjoying what is in front of you at this moment.
So, make the list (Please do make the list! The Universe can’t give you a gift card; it needs to know what you want!), check it twice, and then return to your regularly scheduled programming.
“All I want for Christmas is…”