POP Fit Review: Squat Test Approved or Booed?

I’ve been on a workout streak for over 2 months, and I feel fantastic. It started on my birthday and it hasn’t stopped. Because I’ve been utilizing my workout clothes more often than usual, I thought it was only fair that my reward should involve some new threads. 

Athleisure and workout clothing has never had a higher reign than during this pandemic. Edging into the 7th month of quarantine, I am just now getting the itch to put on jeans and a top that is not a tank or sweatshirt. Running through Instagram, tens if not dozens of ads for Leggings With Pockets! scroll past my eyes. Some of these brands have built up pretty strong reputations—Fabletics for one—that have a bushel of celebrity spokespeople flashing perfect smiles and pushing iPhones into snazzy side pockets that cover lithe and beautiful legs. Then there are the POP Fit Leggings That Everyone Can Wear! Yes, YOU! This brand trots out their leggings on the gams of the common woman. Women in wheelchairs, women with FUPAs, women with prosthetic legs, skinny girls, goth girls, and girls that can shove everything from a water bottle to a sock monkey in their enormous side pockets. Intellectually, maybe I should have gone for the brand that has the better reputation for quality, but I really liked the ethos of POP Fit. A brand that speaks to society’s historical underdogs piques my interest.

But are they really squat test approved? I purchased 2 items to find out: the magenta Lily Crop with black mesh on the sides, and the black Veda workout tank. I received the crops for “free,” only paying for shipping, and then I got a discount on the top, though I can’t remember how much.

Lily Crop: Using their guide, I went with the size that I thought best fit my measurements. The pants I received fit well, if not the tiniest bit too large. Since I have plenty of verging-on-too-small compression tights, I welcomed the slightly loose fit. They are indeed high-waisted, which is hard to get right on certain bodies. The pockets definitely hold a lot of stuff! When I worked out, the high waist didn’t make me overheat, so they are definitely breathable. I love the magenta color with the black mesh; they look great on. 

Biggest disappointment? They were VERY see-through.* Also, they showed my crotch and booty sweat!! Not cool, POP FIt. I will not be wearing these to the gym any time soon (though realistically I’m not sure if I’ll be going to the gym any time soon). 

Post Workout with My POP Fit Crops and Tank

Veda Tank: Again, following the size guide, I ordered what ended up being my usual size. It fit much more snugly than the pants, but for a workout top, that’s exactly what I want. Any loose tops just find a way to chafe/rub me, and that’s not the kind of rubbing I want. The chest area open mesh/fishnet look is very trendy, and anyone with sloping shoulders loves a racerback. The only downside was the very short length of the fit. I am 5’1” and have an extremely petite torso, so I can only imagine all those long-torsoed women opening up their packages and getting a crop top instead of a tank. 

TL;DR Lily Crop

Pros: Fantastic color, love the fit even though they ended up slightly looser than anticipated, large pockets, high waist, breathable material.

Cons: Crotch sweat. Also completely, utterly, fantastically see-through. Boyfriend approved, squat test failed.*

TL;DR Veda Tank

Pros: Love the sassy mesh and the overall fit.

Cons: Very short, would have loved it to be slightly longer.

My take is to order with a grain of salt. If you want supreme comfort with cute looks and large pockets, order away and make sure you take advantage of the social media discounts that are available from Instagram or Facebook. If you want hardcore workout gear, run.

*My sister also bought a pair of POP Fit  leggings and they were a dark and camo-printed pair. She claims hers are not at all see-through, so maybe it depends on which pair you buy?

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