and the winner is…!

I sat with anticipation, a little nervous to click on the random number generator. Who would be the big winner? Who would collect the spoils of my very first giveaway?!?

Today's the day!
Today’s the day!

Would it be someone I know, or one of the complete strangers? (Gasp! Yes! There were actual strangers that entered! *fist pump*)
Well, it turns out it’s my coworker, Brooke! I’m thrilled for her – she has been enthusiastic about the Hot Chocolate Run since I brought it up a few weeks ago.
But just because someone else won, it does not make you a loser! You can STILL register with my promo code CURIOUSMUG for the Seattle race and be the recipient of extra fabulous Chocolate Run goodies!
So here’s a challenge for you Portland runners: let’s see how many PDXers we can bring to Seattle! Better yet, let’s show ’em that we deserve our own race in 2015! Who’s with me?!
See you at the race!
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6 responses to “and the winner is…!”

  1. Julie Avatar

    So I won! I guess I better start training tonight! 🙂

  2. Chocolate Covered Race Medals Avatar

    Congrats on a great first giveaway and congrats to Brooke! 🙂

  3. Secretariat Avatar

    We’re all winners. 🙂

  4. Brooke Snelling Avatar

    I am so excited! Chocolate plus running?!? It is going to be awesome! Thank you, Becky!!

  5. chrissyt Avatar

    Hot chocolate, my ladies, having fun while working out…I think we can all walk away as winners!

  6. thedancingrunner Avatar

    Yay Hot Chocolate! I have to put this one on the list!

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