Questions in the Stars


My Free Will Astrology for this week:
It’s prime time to promote cross-cultural liaisons and interspecies relationships, Virgo. I encourage you to experiment with hybrids and facilitate the union of diverse interests. You will be working in alignment with cosmic trends if you strengthen the connections between influences that belong together, and even between influences that don’t know they belong together. So see what you can do to facilitate conversations between Us and Them. Negotiate peace treaties between Yes and No. Look for legitimate ways to compare apples and oranges.
I’m trying to figure out what this means in my life. Am I going to invent a salsa-running(TM) workshop? Bellydance to Latin music? Discover a way to combine hiking with putt-putt? Finally find someone who is the yin to my yang-y crazy life? Who or what is the Them to my Us?? Ok, Universe, I’m putting it out there! Let’s see what you’ve got for me!

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  1. beckydancer Avatar
    The perfect playlist for my salsa-running workshop!!

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