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I’m still working on my current blog post, but I wanted to give you something to read in the meantime. Hipmix.net is a great website for all things belly dance. It’s got shopping, articles, advice, videos, and lots of links for belly dance resources. I spotted this great article today and wanted to share.
Feeling the inspiration to go pro with your belly dancing? Take a look at this helpful article. It’s got great tips for what to do before you start building your business. Yes, ladies, if you are being paid for your art, you are a business-woman, and should think from that perspective before you perform your first gig. Read on for more information. Get to know the practical side of belly dance.  

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  1. Dorothy Allen Avatar

    Thanks for the referral to Hipmix. We enjoy your belly dancing information. I sometimes wonder how it is that the artist … the performer of belly dancing … can also be a business person when it comes to promoting themselves. That has to be difficult because the production of art and the selling of it are two completely different things.

    1. beckydancer Avatar

      Exactly, Dorothy. It is always better to be 100% immersed in the “product” that one is selling, but selling your art can be very difficult (and subjective).
      I’ve seen so many bellydancers underestimate their value, but it is important that they don’t, so that the clients don’t take advantage of it, and so that all bellydancers can have a united front. It’s not just the 30 minutes of dancing that the client is paying for. It’s the cost of the costume and accesories, it’s the time invested in preparing for a show…I used to see a lot of variance in what the dancers were charging here in Portland, but in the past few years it seems that they have come together and raised the bar collectively. I think it’s fantastic, and I would love to see that happen more often.

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