No way!

I cannot believe my eyes! The counter on my blog page says that This Curious Universe has been viewed 787 times! Whaaaat?!? That is amazing!
I am so grateful for this experience. In the last four months I have grown exponentially, and my life journey will forever be altered by my decision to create this blog. I thought it would be difficult to find things to write about every week, but that just isn’t so. I am usually bursting at the seams with ideas. I love the feedback I am getting from you loyal readers. I love that I’ve found a community of other writers who, like me, want to share their words. And I really love that a special few of you have chosen to highlight MY blog on your own websites! Networking, baby!
So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for participating in this experiment. It is truly something I treasure every day. I can’t wait to share the next post with you!

2 responses to “No way!”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    Around Portland loves This Curious Universe!

  2. beckydancer Avatar

    This Curious Universe loves Around Portland, and hopes it comes back soon!

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