She’s a Hugger—Embracing Your Audience


I found the subject of “embracing your audience” interesting right off the bat. The way I found it was interesting too; It started with a web search. I actually Googled “great blog topics” because I kept waffling between fitness (Maybe next week?), romance (Again?), and family (Do I really want to go there??). So I clicked on which was the very first link listed. I found Chris’ website to be very interesting to a blogger such as myself, so I clicked around the site for awhile. Once I had decided on this blog topic, I wanted to see what else this guy had to offer. He had all sorts of helpful articles for writers and business people, and seemed like a very accessible kind of guy. He’s got pictures of himself all over the website—incidentally he’s got a different hairstyle in every one of them—points for creativity!  
On his front page Wednesday he wrote about influencers and how to influence your audience. I decided to give it a read because it pertained to the topic I was about to delve into. Some of this got a little deep and was too business/technical for me. As a blogger, I simply want to write a blog and have people love it. However, as someone who strives to be a writer, I should be reading this top to bottom. I started with checking off the list of things to do as someone who wants to “market” themselves; I need a social network such as Facebook (Check!), a Twitter account (Check! @BeckySwank), a good platform to blog on (check! WordPress rocks.), and to take a stand on at least one issue. That one had me stumped. I write about a lot of things, but none of them so far are necessarily political in nature. However, a lot of them are matters close to my heart:  empowering women, looking past physical appearance, basically to express positivity and inspire at least one person in every blog post. I guess my issue is to promote as fabulous a life as humanly possible; to obtain life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As far as the American agenda goes, I’d say it is pretty political after all!
There was a list of “where influence comes from.” Following is the list:
■Outward signs of success.
■Earned social capital.
■Persuasive nature/demeanor.
■Perception of power.
■Sheer volume.
This was a list that spoke to me, and also challenged me. What are the outward signs of success? Well, I can see on my WordPress dashboard how many hits a day I get on my blog. That definitely puts a spring in my step and allows me the indulgence of writing another blog each week. Earned social capital—I’m working on it. Networking is something I am moderately adept at, and there is always room and time for improvement. I am also leaning heavily on my friends and family to help me out with this. Many of you have already helped spread the love! I am definitely NOT making money from my blog at this point, but that seed has already been planted. Am I persuasive? I’m not sure I’m trying to be, although I suppose I do want to persuade you to get the most out of this lifetime. Do I have a perception of power? If that power includes figuring out the labyrinth of WordPress formatting, then the answer is…yeah! The last one is sheer volume. Again, it’s a work in progress. So, on a scale of 1–5 on my level of influence I would give myself a 2.5. There is room for much improvement, but I feel very good about the writing I’ve done here so far.
You’re asking at this point, when is she going to get to the point? Embrace Your Audience!  Have I embraced my audience? I have literally embraced most of you, as you are my friends and family. But do you feel appreciated as an audience? Am I reflecting your accolades as I should be? I found a list of things to do to improve your blog traffic. (Thanks news.) Here are two things that had not occurred to me until this point: respond to every comment you get, and update your “About” page. I have not been responding to every comment; from here on out I will do exactly that. I adore your comments, and I should tell you so. As for updating my “About” page, I am guilty as charged. I didn’t really give it much thought at the beginning because I honestly didn’t know what this blog was going to turn into. Perhaps I should just say that, and give updates as I go.  
I could also reach out to you, my audience. Is there anything I am not doing that you would like to see? What topics do you want to read about? Do you request my (extensive) list of must-haves in a soul mate? How about creating a list of my favorite hikes? Would you like updates on when I am dancing or otherwise will be entertaining in public? Do you have a link you would like me to post for you on my sidebar? I’m open to suggestions, and I welcome your feedback with open arms—pun intended!

4 responses to “She’s a Hugger—Embracing Your Audience”

  1. saffronbelly Avatar

    Ooo, I want hike reviews and hiking stories. I also think your mini adventure in urban gardening are interesting- but I could be weird that way. I want to hear about the first tomato you grow and eat.
    Along those lines, do you want some zuchinni? 🙂

  2. beckydancer Avatar

    Zucchini to grow or eat straight up? Either way, yes please!!
    I think both of those ideas are good. A hiking adventure blog and a part II for the urban garden blog. Thanks!

  3. Doctor Jeff Avatar

    I waffle back and forth with how much blogging advice I want to take. I do have Darren Rowse’s entire 31-day-challenge in email, and I think I may embark on that. I’d be happy to forward them to you so you could check ’em out.
    In the long run, it’s about letting your heart and soul show, even if you’re writing about technology or pets or whatever. People can get a lot of information – they like to LIKE and care about the person who is delivering it.

  4. beckydancer Avatar

    Hey Doctor Jeff, I just looked up Darren Rowse. His program sounds really great! Did you buy the workbook or is there a way to get the challenge for free?

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