Destination: Manifestation

Twice this past Tuesday I predicted something would happen. I thought to myself on the way to belly dance practice, wouldn’t it stink if my BD teacher forgot her zils (finger cymbals)? I should have brought my extras. Lo and behold, CH forgot her zils! Later that night I was at the QFC in the Hollywood neighborhood. It was the first time I had been there. I was thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be weird if I saw one of the Barnes Road QFC employees here? I had lived near a different QFC before moving to the Hollywood area. I was walking down the frozen food aisle and I literally did a double take. I saw the man who had always worked the self-checkout at my old QFC. I actually walked up to him to ask him to verify my suspicions. I was correct!
Did I manifest these things, or were they just coincidences based on life experience? CH had forgotten her zils once before, so the chance was there that she would do it again. There are a few QFC stores in the area, and it is not unheard of for chain stores to ask employees to switch to a new location. But they both happened on the exact day that I thought about them! I don’t have these thoughts every day, and those events don’t happen each belly dance class or every time I go to the grocery store.
Every once in a while I also predict events that have no historical basis. A few years ago I had a premonition, minutes before it happened, that I was going to get rear-ended in my car. I was sitting at a stop light with no cars behind me when the thought came to me. Not five minutes later it occurred!
Do YOU believe in manifestation? If you do, is it because of your own personal experiences? I truly believe I have manifested some things in my life. I think if you focus hard enough, open up, and allow the universe to bestow its gifts up on you, you can actually make something take place. Perhaps the universe just allows you to open your eyes to an opportunity that you may previously have overlooked. Maybe—if you believe in science—we activate energy waves that bounce around and physically appear when we put our utmost focus into them. Many people do believe this. In fact, there is a whole movement on that topic, highlighted by books and movies such as The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know? They detail the science and ancient tradition of the power of the mind, your energy waves, miniscule particles…whatever you want to call it. I asked my coworker LE if she believes in manifestation. She said yes, absolutely! Then she put her fingers to her temple and intoned “Cupcake cupcake cupcake!” She noted that unfortunately it doesn’t work all the time. I wonder if she really put some elbow grease into that intonation and she wished with all her might, then a random coworker would suddenly appear with leftover cupcakes from a baby shower. It’s been known to happen!
As The Secret describes (and I am totally paraphrasing here), as soon as you think about something, the thought particles begin being in the universe and therefore are more apt to reveal themselves in your life. Not every single thought you have will appear in physical reality, but once the thought is manifested, the universe begins its conception. What, then, is the difference between manifestation and clairvoyance? Where is the line drawn? Clairvoyance is the alleged power of perceiving things beyond the natural range of the senses. Manifestation means “(of a disembodied spirit) to appear in visible form.” So when we say we manifest something (to our physical reality), are we also displaying an indication of clairvoyance because we perceived it before it actually appeared?
I don’t have any answers to these questions; I only have my beliefs. I’d love to open up a dialogue and hear what you believe and why. Tell me about your experiences! And in the future, be careful what you wish for. It just may happen!

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  1. saffronbelly Avatar

    I think the cupcake manisfestation worked- but I got the cupcake (seriously!). Chocolate with mint frosting! Thanks, guys.

  2. Julie Meier Avatar
    Julie Meier

    Please see me as I see me…. holding the VERY large wining lottery ticket this Saturday! Thanks Becky! j

    1. Tara Avatar

      I’m just going to take a stab in the dark and assume that it didn’t happen since you showed up to work on Monday. Money is so much harder to manifest than cupcakes… Great, now I want cupcakes something fierce!

  3. Chrissy Avatar

    I totally believe your brain can make things happen! You will naturally put yourself in better positions to make things happen and teh universe simply helps.
    Instance 1
    That’s how I won my bike. I marched in KNOWING I am winning this damn raffle! Even when she ripped the ticket and handed it to me, it felt like slow motion, like I was watching a movie. I knew that was the winning ticket. I began to put my “smart ass pants” on and told Jackson and some other folks to just head home because I believe in the Power of the Secret! Yes, I actually said I believe in the Secret and the bike was coming home with me. After a good laugh, they drew my number and people looked at me like they had seen a ghost. LOL
    Instance 2
    I waited more than 4 weeks to return a movie to Block Buster. When I went to the counter to rent a new movie they had explained that they sold me the movie because I had it too long (GO Red Box… okay I am back, anyways). So I said screw this I am not paying for it and left. The next weekend I desperately wanted to watch a movie. I decided to believe that it will all work out and that everything will be okay. I arrive at the counter with my new movie explained I had to pay for the one that was “sold” to me that they had in their “these people don’t return on time bin”. The guy couldn’t find the movie that they held and inevitably had to remove the charges from my account. Just like that it disappeared!
    Instance 3
    I had painted a picture of a man and a woman. It took me a few months and I kept changing things here and there. This morning I wake up and notice it for the first time in awhile. The man in the painting looks a lot like my boyfriend. All coincidences, maybe? But darn it, I like thinking that I did something to help.
    So my question to you Becky, why do you like to manifest not so great things? Someone forgetting something, a care rear ending you… Shoot start mastering your skills for some good stuff!

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