Curiousity of Life—My Journey

The fact that I spent an entire day on the title of this post illustrates exactly what I’m trying to express in this blog. Of course we all want to be the best versions of ourselves. That is a wonderful and sometimes lofty goal usually bestowed upon us by our parents and peers, and ingrained into us later by society. It’s great to strive for bigger and better! In fact, I encourage everyone to set their standards high. Just remember to seek the little messages the universe is sending us along the way. Don’t forget the “journey” part of the end result! And even though it may be extremely difficult, try and let go of the things in life that just don’t matter, even when someone or something is telling you that it is the most important thing.
What I want the reader of this blog to understand is that all of this is my journey, and I believe I am meant to share it. Sometimes the stories will be funny; sometimes they will be sad. Every time I get through another day, I have to stop and tell myself I learned a lesson. There are times when I don’t see it right away, but I usually have that “ah ha!” moment sooner or later. I don’t ever want to forget that each day is a gift, and I am so grateful for everything I experience.
As the title of this post describes, I will start out with explaining my exploration of outward perfection and let it travel from there. There are enough topics to last a lifetime of blog entries, and I really do hope someone reads them and can relate. “We’ve all been there” is a common empathetic phrase. When I hear this I have one of two reactions:  I want to knock their head against the wall and tell them that this is MY drama so quit trying to steal my fire, or I feel relieved that I am not the only crazy person in the Pacific Northwest. I won’t be offended at either reaction! Just remember:  you chose to read my blog today (unless you are immediate family, who are all required to follow this blog religiously).
Thus concludes my first post.

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  1. Brian Enigma Avatar

    First post? Congratulations! And welcome to the internet, or blogosphere or whatever the heck this is.

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